Christian arrested is released and another beaten

Sahat, a Christian living in Tajkistan who was arrested after sharing the Bible with a member of the security services, has been released.

However, Sahat is still having difficulties.  His laptop and flashcard containing Christian materials and some printed Christians materials have been confiscated, and are currently being examined by the security services. They may find further reasons to imprison him again, along with other Christians he knows.[1]

On Sunday 19 February’ officers from the security services visited church services in two towns in Tajikistan’[2]. They appeared to be guests, but filmed the services and took photos. Children and teenagers were present at the church service, ‘which is prohibited by Tajik legislation – the involvement of children and teenagers in religious events is prohibited until the age of 18.’[3]

As a result, ‘criminal investigations into both churches have begun and church activities have been suspended until the investigations finish. All the members of the churches are questioned every day.

In the town of one of these churches, a Christian called Akhmed* was severely beaten by a group saying, “You should visit mosque, not the church.”’[4]

Please pray for Sahat and other Christian believers that God would strengthen and protect them.  Pray also for Akhmed that he would recover from his injuries.  Continue to pray for the churches that are currently being investigated that no charges would be incurred and pray for God’s hand of protection to be upon the believers: ‘He rescued us from so great a threat of death, and will continue to rescue us.  On him we have set our hope.  And he will again rescue us’.