A Celebration of Hope

Over the next month two very significant events will feature strongly in our calendar and in many ways there’s a common thread of meaning intertwining them.

Nowruz is the name of the Persian New Year and marks the first day of spring. It started on 21st March and will last two weeks. Historically it celebrated that the harshness and bitterness of winter was over and fresh hope was now to be found in the Spring days ahead.

Easter time too marks delivery from a different type of harshness, this time the harshness and drudgery of sin. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus we are reminded that true hope is only to be found in him.

It’ll be a busy month of visiting, being visited and exchanging gifts and hospitality but pray amidst it all that we will have many God-centred conversations about the hope in Christ that many no nothing of but need desperately.