In Country News – Iran

The Suffering
In recent months 18 Iranian Christians have been sentenced to a total of 23 years in prison. Their only crime according to the Iranian courts has been “evangelism and building house churches”.1

Lets pray that God will grant them courage to keep on witnessing when faced with the gravity of their prison situation.

Farshid Farsi
What an amazing answer to prayer. On 4th July 2015 Farshid was given an early release date of 10th December 2015 when he fully expected to be released two years later. “This is positive news, which has greatly encouraged Farshid and his family. We join them in praising God for this development, and for those who have made it possible. Please continue to pray for Farshid during his final months in Rajai Shahr prison, Iran.2

House Churches
The underground church continues to bloom amidst the severe persecution inflicted on Christians Elam Ministries report that another house church has opened its door recently.

‘A pastor explains how a neighbour of his had a conversation with his brother who had become disillusioned with religion and whilst watching a Christian programme on TV gave his life to Christ. A group of seven believers meet weekly and Bibles are being sent to the group.’3

Pray for the safety and security of these 7 and the many like them who meet secretly to worship the living God.