Temporary Release from Prison

Maysam Hojai, a Christian convert was temporarily released from prison after fifteen days during which he endured ‘solitary confinement and lengthy interrogations.’

He was arrested a couple of days before Christmas in his parental home and his parents were unsure of his whereabouts.  After his arrest his parents attempted to inquire of his location and health but to no avail.  ‘Authorities blindfolded Hojai and transferred him to an unknown location…he was placed in a five square metre cell with no window…he was interrogated for ten to twelve hours a day and when interrogators didn’t receive satisfactory answers they threatened and beat him’.

A source reported that someone had contacted his parents and advised them to come to the Revolutionary Court in Estafan on January 6 to find out the fate of their son.

In court their son was charged ‘and a ruling was issued for him to post a bail for his temporary release.  Hojai was charged with being baptized as a Muslim, apostacy, evangelism, distributing Bibles and partaking in house church planting’.

Source: www.mohabatnews.com