Christian Prisoner’s Health Continues to Deteriorate

According to sources, Maryam Naghash Zargaran’s health has rapidly deteriorated within the past week and has suffered continued weight loss.  Reports have suggested that Maryam is in need of specialist care.

Maryam has already received heart surgery and continues to suffer from heart related complications.  Maryam’s family announced in 2016 that ‘following frequent hunger strikes, pressure from judicial authorities by leaving her court case pending and poor prison conditions has resulted in Maryam suffering from depression and trauma’[1]

It is also worth considering that the unpleasant situation of “Mrs. Zargaran” has caused much worry for her family.   ‘Maryam’s mother as a result of high stresses over her daughter’s health and consequent to her frequent visit to prosecutor’s office asking about her case is now suffering and diagnosed with a brain illness.’[2]

Please pray for Maryam and her family that Maryam will be released and given specialist care and that she would remain strong in the faith: ‘On God my salvation and glory rest: He is my rock of unyielding strength, my refuge is in God’.