Christianity continues to grow in Iran

It is encouraging that many are coming to faith in Christ in Iran and believers would value prayers for protection as many house churches are under threat of attack by the authorities.

Many were detained late last year and have not yet been released.  Pray especially for a man called Sina Moloudian, aged 26, who was arrested in Esfahan in Iran in January in front of his parents.  Officials confiscated his Christian materials and allegedly beat him before placing him in custody’.[1]

Also an older man named Ishmaeil Maghrebinejad aged 64 was arrested in Shiraz in Iran in January and released on bail.  ‘Officials confiscated his phone and laptop.  He has already survived a previous attempt on his life’.[2]

Please pray for God’s strength and protection for imprisoned believers and their families.  Pray also for wisdom for believers who have been released and are unable to meet with other fellow believers.



Two Christian Sisters Arrested Now Released On Bail

Two Christian sisters named Shima and Shokoufeh Zanganeh were temporarily released on bail from prison in Ahvaz.  They remain free until their trial begins. 

Security officials raided their home and confiscated ‘Bibles and other Christian material saved on memory sticks’.[1] 

A large number of Christians have recently been arrested in Iran.  Please pray that they would know God’s strength and protection and also for their families. 


Christian Convert Previously Arrested Now Released On Bail

An Iranian Christian named Jamshid Derakhshan who had been arrested on November 30th 2018 in Karaj has been ‘temporarily released on bail since December 16th 2018’. He had been arrested during a house search while a church gathering were meeting in his home.  He has had a difficult time as a believer.  He came to Christ over thirty years ago and has since been summoned to court three times and fired from his job as an aviation officer.  Please pray for him and for other believers like him who face tremendous persecution that they would know Christ’s comfort and remain steadfast, ‘…The Lord is on my side I will not fear. What can man do to me?’ Ps 118v6


Ten year sentences upheld for four Christians

Ten year sentences which were handed down to Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, Mohammadreza Omidi, Yasser Mossayebzadeh and Saheb Fadaie in July 2017 have been upheld upon appeal.  They were charged with acting against national security.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide have reported this update and we pray that God would strengthen them and in his time would enable them to be released: But I have trusted in your mercy; My heart shall rejoice in your salvation.[1]


Iranian Christian convert refused bail

An Iranian Christian convert named Hadi Asgari aged forty who was convicted of acting against national security ‘through evangelism and sentenced to ten years imprisonment and a two-year ban from departing the country’[1] has been denied bail.

His family worked tirelessly to attempt to enable him to be released for Persian New Year, but this was denied, and officials decided to review his case after the New Year.

Pray that he and his family would know God’s presence and strength at this difficult time.  ‘Even though I am afflicted and needy.  Still the Lord takes thought and is mindful of me’.


Growing concerns over Iranian prisoner’s health

A Christian prisoner named Naser Navard Goltapeh was arrested in 2016 with three Azerbaijani believers and sentenced to ten years imprisonment for ‘acting against national security and establishing house churches.’[1]  His family are concerned about his health and believes he needs urgent medical treatment for an infection.

His appeal was rejected in court in November 2017.  Please pray that God would strengthen him and the other prisoners and that in God’s time they would be released and enabled to receive medical treatment.


Prayer for imprisoned Iranians

Please pray for Victor Bet-Tamraz, Amin Afshar-Naderi, Kaviyan Fallah-Mohammadi and Hadi Asgari who were all given heavy jail sentences last year in Iran for offences connected to ‘evangelism and acting against national security.’[1]

Records highlight that between May and November 2017, twenty one Christians were sentenced in Iran for extensive periods of time.

In addition, four Christians were arrested in October in south west Iran.  One remains in custody and has been transferred to a prison around ninety miles away.

Please pray for strength and ultimately for their release and that God would be their sustaining strength: for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal.  But God’s Word is not chained’.


Christian prisoner held without charge

A Christian convert arrested last December in Tabriz is still being held without charge. ‘ Ali Amini was arrested when authorities sentenced him while in work[1].’  They confiscated his laptops and phone, searching for Christian material.

Ali is married and has two young children, one aged three and the other one year old.  Please pray that God would strengthen and sustain him and his family during this difficult time: ‘Bring me out of prison, that I may give thanks to your name! The righteous will surround me, for you will deal bountifully with me’: Ps 142v7.


Iranian Prisoners Appeal Sentences

Four imprisoned Christians in Iran have appealed their sentences in Tehran.  These men are named Yousef Nadarkhani, Mohammadreza Omidi, Yasser Mossayebzadeh and Saheb Fadaje.  They are appealing a ten year sentence given to each for promoting house churches.

In addition to this ‘Yousef and Mohammadreza have also been sentenced to 2 years’ exile; Yousef in Nik Shahr and Mohammadreza in Borazjan’[1]

Please pray that the sentencing would be acquitted and these four men would be released.  Pray for freedom of worship for believers in Iran and that even officials may come to know Christ also.


Imprisoned Pastor’s Appeal Rejected

An appeal by Pastor Bahrom Holmatov against his three-year prison sentence has been rejected. The pastor and father of three was’ arrested in April and later sentenced for ‘singing extremist songs in church and so inciting religious hatred’. He now faces the three-year prison term for nothing more than exercising his right to believe.’[1]

“Don’t worry about me, please. Just keep praying for me and my family,” declared Pastor Bahrom.

Pray that he would be strengthened in his faith and he would remain physically strong.

Pray that he would be a great witness to the truth of Christ during his imprisonment.