Christian mother and son arrested

A mother and her son have been arrested in Iran just months after being baptised.

‘Veronika and her son Augustine were arrested in Urmia, northwest Iran, on February 20 and haven’t been seen since.’[1]

Veronika and Augustine, who were baptised in Istanbul last August, were detained after Revolutionary Guard intelligence officials raided their home last month and discovered Christian books and materials.’[2]

Following their arrest, officials have not declared any information on their whereabouts or future. ‘Friends believe they are being held at the intelligence building of the Revolutionary Guards, where information about detainees is not given.’[3]

Pray that Veronika and Augustine would know God’s strength and comfort in their trials and that their faith would remain strong in the face of adversity: ‘this is the victory that has overcome the world-our continuing, persistent faith in Jesus the Son of God’.  Pray that release would come and that God would also strengthen the many believers in Iran.