Middle East – Iran

Population: 98.7% of the 76 million people of Iran claim to be Muslim.

70% of Iran’s people are under 35 years of age and 5 million of them are addicted to drugs and desperate for a God who can offer them hope and peace.

Iran ranks 5th in the world for Christian persecution. In 2011 alone 200 people were arrested. The penalty for “apostasy” in Iran is death.

Beneath this overt pressure in Iran the Underground Church is experiencing growth like no other period in history. An estimated 1 million people has converted from Islam in just the last few years.

Although illegal, satellite television reaches the large cities of Iran, giving 70% of the people access to Christian Channels and the gift of hope.

Now with their new found faith many are realizing that historically Iran occupied a prominent place in Biblical history. As well as being home to Daniel, Habakkuk, Mordecai and Esther it was also the country of Cyrus and Darius and the land of the Medes and the Persians.

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*statistics courtesy of Operation World and Open Doors

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