Well-being of two Iranian Christians under arrest uncertain

‘The status of two Christian converts detained in Urmia is still unknown and security agencies have refused to answer about their fate.’

Over three months ago, two Christian converts of Persian descent were detained.  ‘They were identified as: “Anousheh (Veronica) Rea-bakhsh” and her son “Sohail (Augustine) Zagarzadeh Sani” and detained in Urumia a Turkic-speaking city located in the Western Azerbaijan province in northwestern Iran.’ Since their arrest, there have been no further updates on their situation.

They were arrested on 20 February 2017 by men dressed in plain clothes believed to be Urmia Revolutionary Guards who invaded their home and placed them under arrest in an unknown location.

“Soheil Zargarzadeh Sani” is a psychology university student in his senior year. ‘Eye-witnesses told Mohabat News that a group of intelligence officers raided their home and confiscated their books, including their Bibles and some books on Christian theology.’
Please pray that God would strengthen them and protect them at this time of imprisonment.