Satellite TV

“I’m interested to learn more about this Jesus you’ve been talking about..”

This was a recent response from a viewer after watching the series of TV broadcasts where Amir was teaching on the ‘Identity of Jesus.’ Eventually he was to come to the Lord along with 11 others.

In the current climate broadcasting through satellite TV is one of the most highly effective means of reaching those who are illiterate, have little or no access to Christian literature and live in countries that are governed by those who are opposed to the Gospel. In many areas in Iran and Afghanistan preaching and teaching through TV is one of the only means to explore Christianity and be discipled.

It is estimated that satellite TV can reach a potential audience of 100 million Persians with the Gospel.

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Radio can reach people in the most difficult places where illiteracy is high or where religious barriers prevent them from accessing the Gospel. Our aim is to use the most appropriate media for each community we reach, whether that’s community FM, short wave or the Internet.

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