Central Asia – Afghanistan

Population: 99.85% of the 32 million people of Afghanistan claim to be Muslim.

Multiple and complex social problems abound in Afghanistan, with over one million people actively using drugs (exacerbated by Afghanistan growing 90% of the world’s opium producing poppies).

At one time nine dioceses offered ministry throughout the country, now not one church exists, with the last building being demolished in 2010.

Christianity is no longer recognised as a faith and Afghanistan is ranked 2nd in the world for Christian persecution.

It is too dangerous to keep a Bible at home in Afghanistan.

Although impossible to document it is estimated that between 500 – 8,000 believers either live in or have fled Afghanistan

Those still in the country turn to Christian radio and satellite television for hope. Those who have fled are seeking support from other Christians.
For further country information visit : The Joshua Project

*statistics courtesy of Operation World and Open Doors

What We Do To Help
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